Gift Shop Booth

   One huge tent at the site is a superlative storehouse of the best from India; artisan statues, jewelry, exotic clothing crafted from natural fabrics and dyes and essential fragrant oils and incenses. There are Lucknow blouses and shirts, yoga wear, gopi-skirt ensembles, handloomed saris, shawls, pillow covers and bed spreads, and original screen print t-shirts. The silver and gold hand crafted jewelry features a variety of nose rings, earrings, necklaces, belts and bangles.

  There is also a unique, rarely found selection of devotional posters, musical instruments, bhakti music CDs, puja items and books on spirituality, diet and health. The festival tent is a generous sampling of the beautiful Govinda’s Imports of West Los Angeles which has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Weekly, The New York Post, Yogi Times and Yoga Journal, Allure, In Style, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky Magazine and Vogue. The famous “Pashmina” scarves and “Lucknow” blouses and shirts originally debuted in the U.S. via Govinda’s. From The New York Times, “shopping at Govinda’s is a religious experience!”  Govinda’s Imports and Govinda’s  Buffet share a building adjacent to the Hare Krishna temple in West Los Angeles, each with a five star rating on Yelp. All proceeds finance the festival and the monastic temple community.

Savory Booths

   At the Savory Booth the Hare Krishna devotees offer the public their best and most favorite sample of traditional Indian vegetarian cuisine cooked with the finest ingredients, prepared on site with great love and devotion. The meal features a savory mixed vegetable curry with strips of marinated wheat gluten, fragrant yellow rice, cauliflower-ettes deep ghee-fried in a spicy garbanzo bean flour batter, as well as Vedic potato fries, also carefully fried in ghee. The meal comes with chutney and a chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie, all for $8.00. You can’t beat the price or the quality of the meal. (Maybe that’s why folks line up all day for it!)

   Other savory booths at the festival site include the Curd Steak booth, (the vegetarian sensible Salisbury steak in smoky tomato sauce), the fresh homemade Pizza Booth, the Lassi Booth (Icy Mango or strawberry yogurt smoothie) or the dessert booth, (usually home made cheese cake or pie.) And don’t forget to stay cool with your slice of watermelon as you tour the festival site!