The Festival of the Chariots is a divine celebration jammed packed with fun!

It begins with a beautiful parade filled with happy people singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, joining together from all walks of life to celebrate. Three gigantic carts are pulled through the streets of Santa Monica and down the Venice boardwalk. It is truly a sight to see!

At the festival sight in the heart of Venice Beach, you will find plenty of wonderful entertainment including musical and dance performances on two separate stages. There are also children’s activities, educational exhibits, and sumptuous food, including a free feast. We hope to see you there!

Large Stage

11:00     Temple Bhajan Band – Kirtan – Ecstatic chanting

12:30     Chariots arrive at festival site

12:50     Welcoming address by MC Naikatma das

1:00      Odissi Dance directed by Nandita Behera

1:30      Bharatanatyam Dance directed by Viji Prakash

2:45      Parividha das and Devotee Children

3:00      Karnamrita Dasi – Kirtan – Ecstatic Chanting

4:15      Kirtan with Gaura Vani, Amala Harinam and Saci Suta

5:30      Parividha das and Friends – Musical performance

6:00      Maha Kirtan – Ecstatic Chanting until end of Festival

6:30    Departure of the Deities from the festival

7:00    Festival ends

Small Stage:

11:00    Clytie and Friends

12:00    Vasu and Friends

1:00      Gandharvas

2:00      Temple Bhajan Band

3:00      Nirantara and TK

5:00      Mighty Govinda and Friends

6:00      Sri Kesava